Why is Blocked? is blocked in some countries because of its illegality. In this article, we’ll explore why the site is blocked in different countries and what you can do to get around the block. This site is illegal and has been attacked by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and banned in many countries. The YIFY network estimates that it serves over one million people each month. is blocked because of its illegality

Although is blocked because of its illegality, it does not prevent people from accessing it. The site has a large user base of over a million, and the success of the site draws unwanted attention. This, in turn, leads law enforcement agencies to attempt to shut down illegal torrent sites. On the same day that another torrent site was shut down, the MPAA filed a lawsuit against netlogs. This legal battle led to the shutdown of YTS.

Though is blocked because of its illegality, it is not illegal globally. It is blocked because of its use of illegal content in certain jurisdictions and countries. This is because copyrighted material is illegal to download without the permission of the right holder. Even if YIFY users aren’t downloading content directly from the site, they are engaging in illegal hacking activity and are likely to be detected.

It is blocked by cyber criminals has been blocked by cyber criminals for several reasons, including its illegality. Offering protected content in data form is illegal, and it is similar to piracy in the sense that users are creating copies of protected content. The crackdown has blocked 59 torrent and streaming sites, including Demonoid and panoramio. This number will grow even more after two new court cases were filed in the country.

The yify torrents site was shut down in 2016 after production studios filed a lawsuit against it. This site provided a vast amount of content for users in India, and it has since been blocked by cyber criminals. But how did it become blocked? There is a simple solution: using a torrent tracker. There are several torrent trackers out there, and you can find some that are popular and reliable.

It is blocked by authorities is blocked by authorities for several reasons. One reason is illegal activity. It is illegal to distribute copyrighted material without permission. In extreme cases, this is hacking. Even though it is illegal to distribute copyrighted material, most YIFY users don’t download content directly from the website. Instead, they download it from BitTorrent peers. Therefore, tinypic is complicit in illegal activities. is blocked by authorities because sharing recent movies on the BitTorrent network is against copyright laws in most countries. However, different countries enforce copyright laws differently. Some countries enact very strict copyright laws, while others are lax on this issue. Some countries even allow piracy, despite YIFY’s copyright violations. So, how do you circumvent blocked Here are a few ways.

Blocking torrent sites doesn’t stop piracy. The biggest issue with these sites is copyright violation. Piracy is a serious problem, and it is becoming more common. However, copyright holders have been able to block these websites through a High Court order. In a recent case, the Motion Picture Association asked’s owner to stop operating the site or else fullmaza would take legal action against them.

It is blocked by countries is a website where users can download free HD movies and TV series. But it has been blocked in many countries due to copyright violations. Luckily, there are ways around the restrictions. Here are some tips. If you live in a country where is blocked, check out our VPN proxy list. These are websites that will allow you to download YIFY torrents.


It’s not always a good idea to block a website, and YTS has shown that a large amount of traffic can lead to a website being blocked. Although YTS was popular for illegal activity, the leadership of YTS refused to be intimidated by the MPAA, and ultimately settled out of court. As a result, YTS had to stay out of the BitTorrent community for a long time.

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