The website has become the main showcase for companies and in many cases, especially for digital stores, it is the main source of income for a business.

Today, most people interested in purchasing a product or hiring a service visit the websites of various companies before deciding to contact them.

Can you imagine the effect on your visitors that you have not updated your website for a long time?

A website with an outdated design, with broken links, that takes a long time to load or with the news section or blog not updated will produce a negative first impression. And you already know that there is only one chance to make a good first impression, and in a few seconds.

How many times have you ruled out entering a store because from the outside everything looked messy, old and dirty? Making a good impression on the first contact with your potential customers is the first step to achieving a sale. This is the most important reason why you should update your website frequently.

Although most are aware of the importance of maintaining the company website, many entrepreneurs do not have the staff, time, or sufficient knowledge to update their website with the latest technologies and design trends.

The solution is simple:  outsource the maintenance of the website.

Outsourcing is a formula that is used more and more in more sectors to have professional services through an external company or a freelance professional. Whether it is the cleaning and maintenance of a business, management services or telemarketing campaigns, the company that hires them may have at their disposal a professional team tailored to their needs.

Outsourcing the maintenance of your website with a specialized digital agency will save you costs and headaches, since you will have an updated, effective and modern online presence without hiring staff or having to take time out of your private life to take care of yourself.

What maintenance does your website need?

A web page is never completely finished. Having a good brand image on the Internet implies continuous maintenance, updating and improvement so that your potential customers are attracted by what they see.

Do you know what the basic maintenance needs of a website are? They are as follows:

  • Update the contents. News, blog articles, image gallery, new promotions … Updated content brings freshness to your website and makes it more relevant to your customers and search engines.
  • Update the technical aspects. Technologies are advancing rapidly and aspects such as adapting mobile phones and the latest versions of browsers or the incorporation of new functionalities are essential.
  • Improve security. It is key to protect your website against possible virus attacks or data theft. Every so often a new virus that is more powerful and difficult to detect by commonly used antivirus appears.
  • Correct internal errors. Broken internal or external links, faulty code, improved loading time, errors in contact forms, image optimization … There are many aspects that require web maintenance even if they are not seen with the naked eye.
  • Check and improve usability. Everything that serves to improve the user experience, such as facilitating navigation or the purchase process, will positively influence the reputation of your brand.

As you can see, there are many aspects for which you need to update your website, both aesthetic, informative and technical. Do you have time for everything? Outsourcing web maintenance is a flexible way to have your page always ready. Most companies offer monthly plans that are very profitable.

Advantages of outsourcing web maintenance

Regardless of whether your business website is very simple or very complex, outsourcing web maintenance is a smart decision due to the many advantages it brings.

1. More time for your business

Running a business involves a lot of work, management, travel, visits to fairs, meetings with clients … With such a tight schedule it is difficult to find time to update your website, especially if you want to do it well.

Unless you have deep technical knowledge, you will need many more hours of work than an expert, so outsourcing the maintenance of your website will save you time, whether you have it or not. And with better results.

2. Higher profitability

Hiring staff to perform web maintenance tasks is only profitable for large companies. The services of external companies are flexible and adapt to the needs of their clients. You have the possibility to negotiate a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual plan or as often as you need.

3. Professionalism

If you decide to outsource the maintenance of your website, you will have specialists trained, trained and experienced in technology, design and usability. They will be able to advise you on market trends so that your website is always up to date and protected.

There are many aspects to take into account (design, online sales, SEO positioning, security, user experience …) and it is very difficult for you to master them all. Trust experts to update your website.

4. Higher level of security

The more secure your website is, the more protected your customers’ data will be and the more credibility your company will have. Having the latest protection tools and security extensions is vital to your company’s reputation on the Internet. By outsourcing the maintenance of your website you will have total protection against viruses and threats.

5. Better positioning

According to Videoanimation Search engines like Google have their own criteria to decide which pages are most relevant and, therefore, should appear in the top positions. A web maintenance company will do a detailed SEO study to apply the requirements to improve the positioning of your page.

Outsourcing the maintenance of your website serves, ultimately, for your business to grow on the Internet.