Do you know? Viewers retain 95% of the message that is delivered through videos! This number is enough to understand why video marketing is in such a huge trend all around the world. With ‘reels’ added to Instagram, the video content creation has taken an all-time hit!

People are now more interested in seeing the product through a video and understand how to use it! A research states that 72% of the customers prefer to watch and learn informative videos. And 81% of the businesses prefer video marketing these days as their core marketing strategy.

A common question might arise that what makes a video so important and how do we deliver it to the right audience? Read on to learn all the answers to your questions,

A two-way road

With a promotional video, not only will you entertain your audience but also educate them with the right information. Media has always been a powerful tool to share information. When done right, you can persuade people to take appropriate actions – even purchasing.

The current audience wants content that they can relate to. So, conduct brainstorming sessions with your team and come up with video ideas that are fun as well as informative! A few years ago, we all did watch the ad from the brand ‘always’ with a hashtag that trended so well (#Likeagirl). It was fun to watch people take a dig at the feminine gender but, when they actual message delivered at the end was empowering and liberating for women.

Enhances engagement

The eventual agenda of any marketing technique is to increase the engagement and improve conversion rate. By creating and sharing compelling content, the audience will do the talking and many might also become your loyal customers just because they resonate with your brand well.

Creating and sustaining the engagement rate is easy if you understand your core strengths. While one is to upload content a regular interval, you can also initiate a dialogue with the audience at personal level. Yes! Email marketing lets you have that one-to-one space with the viewer/audience.

Finding their email contacts has also become easy these days. With email search website like, you can now save time on searching the potential leads. This email finder tool comes with a chrome extension to your LinkedIn and Gmail account, thus, making it easy for you to search for email contacts.

Sales and trust

A promotional video or a content video is not only a message you share but you also get to build your image. With recent changes in every industry where the company heads are investing heavily to show support to every body type, age and gender, people are celebrating these ad campaigns that just considering them as mere advertisements.

Of course, at the end of the day, a promotional video will add sales to your business. However, you need to be cautious about how you share the content. Upload them on the social media websites that resonates with the brand best. Do not forget to include it on your website’s landing page as well.

Understanding and following these simple steps will ensure a change and improvement in your business.