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Why You Should Buy Medical Grade N95 mask made in USA?

The virus filtering N95 respirator masks are in great demand even after a year into the pandemic. U.S manufacturers of personal protective equipment have been able-to produce NIOSH certified N95 masks to fulfill the nation’s growing needs.

Now that COVID has showed up its new delta variant, it’s time to upgrade from cotton face masks to medical grade N95 mask made in USA for optimal protection against the highly contagious disease.

There are many more reasons to switch over to American made masks that are trustworthy and dependable than the imported options.

More Protection

NIOSH certified N95-respirator masks offer more protection than other masks because of their filtering efficiency.

The masks are designed to filter at least 95% of particles for maximum protection against dust, airborne particles, and infectious droplets.

Moreover, PPE manufacturers ensure availability of N95 masks in comfortable designs that are mostly preferred by customers.

N95 masks with latex free headbands, adjustable metal nose clip, molded N95 with or without exhalation valve are all reliable options for protection against coronavirus.

Long Term Viability

The idea of making masks for Americans in America has helped overcome the critical shortage of personal protective equipment with limited foreign supplies. Bringing more business in the country ensures that domestic industry becomes a long term viable option for customers to rely upon. It is vital to gain national interest by adopting an ambitious strategy and retain U.S buyers through production of high quality N95 face masks.

An Affordable Option

Medical Supply All is an online retail platform ensuring the availability of N95 mask made in USA in affordable rates for the nation to opt for domestic PPE supplies.

American made masks is an affordable option after PPE manufacturers in the United States have struggled to make products budget friendly using state of the art technology.

Most of the U.S manufacturers offer products for bulk orders to keep the prices in an affordable range and Medical Supply All includes all such brands on a single platform.

Federal Certification for N95 Mask Production

Many domestic mask manufacturers including

  1. 3M, Honeywell
  2. ALG Health
  3. DemeTech
  4. Protective Heath Gear
  5. Gerson
    have been able to churn out hundreds of millions of masks to satisfy the needs of health sector’s needs.

The boost in domestic manufacturing of personal protective equipment is much needed to encourage the purchase of domestically made goods.

Many of the smaller startups have successfully achieved federal certifications for supplying authentic and reliable N95 masks for the nation which can ultimately lead to a sustainable industrial base expansion in future.

Online Retailers

COVID has highlighted America’s dependency on foreign manufacturing for PPE supplies which is more of a concern with new variants evolving.

Most Americans would eagerly want to upgrade to N95 medical masks to keep themselves and others safe. Online retailers including Amazon and Medical Supply All have helped many reputable brands stay afloat by selling their products to the public.

The nation needs to embrace mask wearing as long as the coronavirus exists to suppress new variants that are eager to enter human body for further mutations.

This is why high filtration masks are more important now and is providing a little more public exposure to American PPE manufacturers.

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