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Why Your RV Needs Garmin GPS

GPS navigation systems have reached their peak in popularity around the planet. Today, this technology is not only found in vehicles. It has many uses in science, economics, geodesy, and even space exploration. You probably know that smart devices have built-in navigation systems, so you can use them even on foot.

Garmin navigators have become an essential part of every RV trip. Whether you plan a state-wide trip across or look for an unknown street in the city, these little devices can be real lifesavers. Suppose you plan to buy one of these for your RV. Many experienced drivers will be happy to recommend the Garmin 780 because it has proven to be very reliable for these users.

There are numerous Garmin RV navigators on the market in different price ranges. The wide selection can unhinge you, especially if you’re not clear about all the benefits that navigators can provide. So you should understand the reasons why these handy devices are a smart investment for your RV.

Customized Routing

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There are many advantages to having a navigation system in your RV, especially if you travel in your RV a lot. So using this system to navigate your routes is extremely convenient. It gives you clear visual directions and helps you make more informed decisions while driving. 

Garmin RV navigators will customize their maps to your vehicle. They offer you the option to input your vehicle’s dimensions. That way, you can avoid congestions, inconveniences, and thinking about damaging your rig if you pass under the bridge that doesn’t seem quite high. Also, it can help you avoid motorways with low clearance and local roads with weight restrictions.

You can also use your RV navigators to locate places of interest along the way, including restaurants and museums. So while you can find an app that provides directions to the nearest Starbucks or McDonald’s, you can’t always be sure that these routes are passable for your RV. That will be possible only with a GPS device made for RV use. 

Updated Route Information and Alerts

Things on the roads can change frequently, and you can’t possibly know that. There can be construction zones, landslides, car crashes, or other obstacles that will make you change your route. And that means wasting time and possibly ruining your trip.

In case of a route stoppage, your Garmin can find the best alternative route for you and guide you to the correct lane. In fact, if you start your navigator as soon as you sit behind the wheel, you’ll probably avoid certain obstacles. Also, the information on your GPS device is constantly updated, so you have the best route available at all times.

Garmin RV navigators provide you with an option to preview all suggested routes before a trip. Then, depending on how fast you want to go, you can choose between different alternatives. Sure, if you think of getting to your destination as soon as possible, you’ll opt for highways. But if you want to take a slower path and enjoy the sight, you’ll tour local roads. That way, you can also avoid tolls.

Whichever suggestion you choose, your Garmin will display the estimated arrival time, mileage, and even fuel consumption (depending on the device’s features). Keep in mind that these estimates are suggested for RVs specifically. Unlike smartphone software, RV navigators take in that your vehicle can’t always go the speed limit.

See the website below for more tips on buying RV GPS:

More Convenient than Phone


As said, smartphones have pre-installed folders that you can use for free. While you are connected to the Internet, they can provide you with good and reliable information. But what if you find yourself in a remote area with no signal?

 The great thing about Garmin RV GPS devices is that they don’t need an Internet connection to work. Instead, they use satellite signals that spread out all over the planet. So you will never end up stuck in an area with no GPS signal.

Plus, if you plan a long-distance trip in your RV, you can download maps of desired areas offline. That comes in handy when there’s no GPS signal (not likely to happen). Also, you won’t have to waste valuable gigabytes of mobile data. 



A navigation system is also a great safety feature, as it helps you avoid accidents and slowdowns. But it can also make your ride safer and more comfortable. Using a GPS in your car will help you avoid dangerous situations and accidents. In addition, it can give you the information you need to get to your destination without hassles.

A navigation system will also help you stay focused on the road. Garmin devices have large, clear screens, so you won’t have to squint or fiddle with your phone’s screen. Also, you won’t have to worry about whether or not your cell phone will be working or not. 

Saving Money

A navigation system can determine the fastest route to your destination based on traffic conditions and vehicle size. That will help you avoid narrow streets and low bridges, i.e., all places where your bulky vehicle simply can’t go through. It means that you will spend less time in traffic, saving you money on fuel. Visit this source for more handy tips on better fuel economy.

In the long run, driving optimal routes will save you a significant amount of money. You won’t get stuck in traffic jams or pissed off when you run onto men at work. That way, you will save money on gas and your nerves. You can even get a better deal on your RV insurance.

Most of the cars nowadays come with built-in GPS systems. But even if your RV doesn’t have it, you can still buy a third-party device and install it on your dashboard. These gadgets are the best options to avoid stoppages and accidents. They will not only improve your driving experience but save you time, gas, and nerves.

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