• Ukraine Is Home of MBBS Education

Ukraine is home to many private and government universities which are extremely well known for their MBBS education.

  • Pursue Their Medical Course

Ukraine receives and welcomes applications of the students from more than 100 countries every year who wants to pursue their medical course in the country.

  • Medical Schools of Ukraine

The medical schools of Ukraine are well recognized and talked about all over the world.

  • Country Listed in the WDMS

The universities of the country are listed in the WDMS (World Directory of Medical Schools) by the WHO (World Health Organization) and are recognized by the Medical bodies of many countries such as the MCI (Medical Council of India), USMLE (the United States Medical Licensing Examination), and several others.

  • Globally Recognized Medical Universities

The degree provided by a medical school in Ukraine is globally recognized.

  • Practice Their Medical Degree

The students can practice their medical degree in the majority of the countries across the globe after clearing the screening test of that country.

  • Apply for Admission to Ukrainian University

More than 5000 students apply for admission to a Ukrainian University every year for MBBS.

  • Students Studying in Ukraine

Currently, there are about 15000 Indian students who are already studying in Ukraine.

  • Education and Infrastructure Facility

The data shows the amount of recognition and respect which Ukraine as a country has in terms of its education and the infrastructure facility.

  • Majority of Private Medical Schools

Ukraine MBBS fees for Indian students are much lower than the fees of the majority of private medical schools in India.

  • Organize Seminars and Conferences

The universities are known to regularly organize seminars and conferences from world-renowned doctors from not just Ukraine but from many different parts of the world.

  • Effective and Innovative Teaching Methods

The universities use effective and innovative teaching methods to keep the interest of the students in studies and not to get bored by the monotonous ways of studying.

  • Provide Excellent Education

The country is not only known for its excellent education but also for the treatment the students receive in the country.

  • Welcoming and Very Supportive

The citizens of Ukraine are welcoming and very supportive.

  • Tuition and Hostel Fee Structure

In terms of affordability of education, the country offers a very good tuition fee structure and hostel fee structure.

  • Cost of Education in Ukraine

In comparison to the fees of private medical schools and the medical schools of Europe, the cost of education in Ukraine is much less and economical.

  • MBBS Taught in English

The overseas students are taught in English, however, they are also taught the local language from the 1st year of their course.

  • Time of Their Training and Internship

This is done to ensure that the students at the time of their training and internship and daily living should not face any trouble while dealing with the local people of Ukraine.

  • Makes Ukraine an Excellent Option

The average tuition fee of any major medical school in Ukraine is very low in comparison to the tuition fee of the majority of private Indian medical schools which makes Ukraine an excellent option.

  • Pursue MBBS at Low Cost

Indian students who want to pursue they are of MBBS in abroad at a low cost and global recognition.

  • Affiliations with Local Hospitals

All the major universities have affiliations with local hospitals and the students are regularly instructed to visit the hospitals for their training.

  • Very Healthy Student-Teacher Ratio

The student-teacher ratio is kept very healthy to ensure that the teachers give individual attention to the students.

  • Top Quality Accommodation Facilities

The accommodation facilities are top quality in all the university and the students are regularly advised to keep their rooms clean.

  • Rooms Equipped with Necessary Amenities

The rooms are equipped with necessary amenities with a central heating facility.

  • Permission of the University Authorities

The students can even opt to rent an apartment with the permission of the university authorities.